I’m just saying…


What dedication!

It has flowed in before and after pictures in the member community, and below you can see a selection of them.

You are so talented! GOOD WORK :)!

150 of them have reported their progress by week 1 and this answers some of the participants to the question “What have you gained from having / getting more order?”

Less stress and the feeling of all the must-haves that will be done is not as imminent. Some smaller stones from the shoulders and a little easier to breathe.

// Annika Juuso, Halmstad

It clears away bad energy in your body, you feel in less chaos, and the inspiration come to life again 🙂
// Anonymous

The first thing that happened was that I got a paper in my hand that I subscribe to. I thought, and decided that if I read it and not learn something new, I say it 🙂 Said and done! A newspaper less is not worth having
// Pia Ståhl

The assignment medicine cabinet happened to drag with it to organize the entire cabinet in the laundry, cleaning products, laundry detergent, some tools, spare bulbs, batteries, etc …
Now all posted and organized neatly in colorful boxes.
Feels really good!
// Daniel Nystrom, Karlskrona

The feeling that I have made the task then I get a better view of what I have for NGT and where everything is.
// Kim Greve, Gunnislake Mark


And this is a part of the profit out of you who like statistics and figures (as I do;)):


What I see directly the result is that many have been wanting more / “a taste” and taken hold in more areas / things than in the challenge so fun :)!

Stay at work now and good luck in week 2, 3 and 4!

greetings Brita

Go Go!